Invest in Alberta

If you’re undecided about moving or setting up your business in something like the W. S. Keeley building, consider this: Alberta has one of the lowest taxes for business in Canada, mostly due to the fact that the province has:

  • No provincial payroll taxes, no capital taxes, and no provincial retail sales tax (PST), and
  • Low corporate tax rates.

On an individual basis, Albertans also continue to have lower personal taxes as well.

  • Albertans pay a flat tax on personal income of 10%.
  • Alberta is not subject to general sales tax.
  • Alberta properties are taxed at a much lower rate compared to properties in other provinces.

Alberta has also been going through considerable economic growth, and has the highest per-capita investment rate of the entire nation. According to the Alberta Government, Alberta’s investment per capita was $25,348, compared to the national average of $11,224 per capita.

Alberta’s economy is incredibly diverse. Though most well-known for oil and natural gas products, the energy industry makes up only 25% of the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With the upheaval of the global economy and recessions impacting the entire world, Alberta remains competitive and a sound investment environment. In early 2013, the Alberta Government also reported that the province’s economy was bolstered considerably by retail sales from small businesses. Tourism is also one of Alberta’s largest economic contributors, producing $5.2 billion in revenue annually, and the history of the W.B. Keeley building makes it a natural tourist attraction.

Alberta is ideal for small businesses, and Nanton’s W. B. Keeley building has the perfect combination of location, history, and character for any business owner. To learn more about this property sale opportunity, please contact us here [insert link to contact page].