History lives in Nanton, and nowhere is this easier to see than the W. S. Keeley building.

Charles Marshall moved from Comber, Ontario to Nanton, Alberta in 1904. He purchased the Nanton Trading Company’s hardware and implement business, building a new store in 1909. He ran the business by himself until 1914, when he was joined by his son, John. After this, Marshall renamed his business to Marshall and Son, and continued running the business until 1926.

In that year, Marshall sold his business—and the building that housed it—to one W. S. Keeley. Keeley maintained the old hardware store and expanded its product line, renovating the top floor social space into a series of apartments. This proved to be a fortunate move for Keeley with the coming of World War II. With the construction of a nearby training base for pilots and air crews, Royal Canadian Air Force officers rented the apartments until war’s end.

Most recently, the building has been home to Sentimental Journey Antiques,  a business established in 2000 by Terry Dixon.

After 14 years of business, it’s now time for another owner to add their own page to the history of the Keeley building. With a rich story behind it and an undeniably prominent appearance, the Keeley Building will lend its charm to any business that uses its space —and it will continue to stand the test of time, just like it has done for more than one hundred years.